Thank you to the entire staff at Northminster for an outstanding preschool experience. We greatly appreciate your support and professionalism. Your success in providing a safe, nuturing, and stimulating environment for our daughter to learn and discover in, will be built upon for years to come. Thank you for your contribution to her foundation and for sharing in this special time with us.

—The Lawrence Family

Northminster Co-operative Preschool has set the stage for our children to step in to Kindergarten with ease. Through learning, playing, and socializing our daughters are confident in themselves and comfortable in a school setting. Utilizing daily classroom activities, school programs, and culturally diverse lessons the program ensured that our children benefited from every moment spent at Northminster Preschool. The environment that the caring staff provides for young children is beyong compare. We have loved our time spent with the Northminster family and look forward to our son starting in the fall!

—The Aloisi Family

What can I say about Northminster? My experience with Northminster started a long time ago when the children I was a nanny for went there. I decided to send my son there when he turned 3. All the teachers are wonderful, caring, and compassionate. They have fun activities planned throughout the school year for the kids. I loved the school so much that I was a classroom aide for the school for both years my son attended! I would recommend Northminster to anyone who wants their child to learn, have a good time, and meet lots of new friends!

—The Dennis Family

We have found Northminster Preschool to be a great start to our children's educational foundation. Both my husband and I attended Northminster many years ago. My husband was in the first graduating class in 1970! Our boys have learned many social, as well as educational skills. We have experienced Mom and Me through the 5-year-old class. Our journey has been full of excitement and smiles.

—The Schneckenburger Family

My daughter is in Mrs. Palmer's morning class for three-year-olds and my son will be next year. We love coming here; oftentimes my daughter wakes up in the morning and asks me if it is a "preschool day". I cannot say enough about how wonderful, kind, and patient Mrs. Palmer is with the kids. I was immediately put at ease within the first weeks of school when I dropped off my daughter and found Mrs. Palmer lovingly cradling and comforting another crying child who was nervous about Mommy dropping her off for the day. Also, the craft projects that the kids makes are priceless. The hours and hours of preparation and planning by Mrs. Palmer are obvious and so much appreciated! Mrs. Lance, Mrs. Towler, Mrs. Sainato, and Mrs. Ewing are wonderful, also, with everything--from coordination events and programs to organizing fundraisers, to maintaining the library, to taking kids to the potty, to whatever...they do it all. They are all so kind and loving to the children, and are obviously very dedicated to the program. This school is a class act!

—The Meonske Family

Our family's Northminster Preschool experience started with my oldest son when he was 4 years old, who is now 8. Several people suggested this particular preschool to us to start off his education, and we have never looked back. My oldest son Nicholas still talks about his preschool days and how he loved all the teachers and staff, (especially Mrs. Borchert) who truly gave him a wonderful first impression in his first year of school. He frequently tells his younger brother who is now attending Northminster in a 4 year old class about all the fun things he will be doing such as the holiday programs, Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration and the end of the year carnival day. I truly believe his preschool years have helped him excel in his first years of elementary school. My youngest son Alex is nearing the completion of his first year of preschool and he comes home every day saying how much fun he has and how he just loves school. I am excited for him to continue on to the 5 year old class knowing that the structure provided will help prepare him well for kindergarten as it did my oldest son. Soon enough it will be my 2 year old daughter's turn to start preschool and I know she will love it as much as my sons have. I cannot thank The staff at Northminster Preschool enough for everything they have done for my boys, all of you are wonderful.

—The Golden Family

We could not have been happier with Northminster Preschool. I feel my kids were not only prepared for kindergarten academically but also socially. The staff at Northminster is top notch. They truly care about the education, safety and well being of each child and their family. We feel sending our kids to Northminster was a great decision for our family and recommend them to everyone. I miss the teachers and staff very much.

—The Carey Family

I wanted to take a moment today to thank you and your staff for your dedication and commitment to our children. Our son Matthew and our daughter Erin started going to Northminster Preschool in your “Mom and Me” program. We found this type of classroom to be an excellent way to introduce our children to life in a school environment. They learned how to get along with other students and follow the teacher’s instructions. Our children then continued on and “graduated” from Northminster Preschool.

Northminster prepared our children for kindergarten and beyond. They had fun at the school and met a lot of friends along the way. Our kids stayed busy with fun learning activities and structured play time. What set your school apart from other preschools we looked at are the teachers. My wife and I felt like your teachers set positive expectations for our children and they learned “to like” school. Our kids loved going to school and that love of learning has stayed with them in their elementary school years.

Lastly, our kids were always safe at Northminster Preschool. We appreciated all the precautions in place to assure the safety of our children. Thank you for being such a big part in their learning. I hope other families will enjoy the same great results our children gained from the staff at Northminster.

—The Peterson Family

The best thing I could have done for my daughter, was to send her to Northminster Preschool. It was over six years ago, when I decided that my daughter needed to be with other children her own age because she was an only child. The staff and families at Northminster are the best of the best. We looked into other preschools around our area (Ellet), and none compared to the structure that Northminster had and still has today. When our daughter started kindergarten she was more ready than some the other children, especially those who didn't go to preschool. Sending your child or children to Northminster is the best gift you can give them educationally and socially. You won't be sorry. And, who knows, maybe you will find some life-long friends there. I know I did!

—The McKnight Family

Having our twin daughters at Northminster for preschool was a great start to schooling. The academics and social interactions are beneficial for both kids and parents as well. The parent helper days were a great example of this. Having a chance to see first hand the way that the teachers genuinely care about the development of the preschoolers as well as getting to see our girls with other children was great. Both my wife and I had our days at the school as parent helpers, and we enjoyed every one of them. It was an honor and a treat to interact with our kids on a different level than what we had known at home. Mrs. Borchert is both a teacher and a saint as far as we’re concerned! We’ve since highly recommended Northminster Preschool to our friends and family and will continue to do so.

—The McVan Family