Mrs. Richardson

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Northminster Pre-School
104 West Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44223

Five-Year-Old Class


Children who will turn 5 by January 15th may enroll for our 5 year old class. Some special events include a French Tea with parents at Christmas, a 50th day of school celebration, and a Slide into Kindergarten party.

A typical day in one of our 5 year old classes includes:

  • Alphabet Journals
  • Child directed play with manipulative, blocks, puzzles, centers and a variety of STEM related stations.
  • Stories and finger plays
  • Arts and crafts providing experiences with a variety of mediums
  • Music and rhythms
  • Muscle Room time where students may ride bikes or play with a variety of equipment offering gross motor development and cooperation skills.
  • Scholastic News Magazine
  • Introduction to phonics and basic math concepts
  • Manuscript handwriting will be practiced
  • Daily snack


Academic Skills

  1. Recognize and recite all the letters of the alphabet
  2. Basic knowledge of how to form all capital and lower case letters of the alphabet
  3. Introduction of phonics
  4. Introduction of sight words
  5. Use of phonetic awareness to sound out words
  6. Recognize numbers 1-20
  7. Count out loud to 100
  8. Count by 10's to 100
  9. Graphing
  10. Comprehension of stories
  11. Knowledge of rhyme and opposite words
  12. Understanding patterns
  13. Able to recite days of the week, address, and phone number
  14. Sequence 4-6 pictures in a progressive series
  15. Introduce size and spatial relationships of objects
  16. Introduce simple science and math concepts

Social Skills

  1. Sit quietly during stories and instruction time (15-20 minutes)
  2. Follow 3-4 step directions
  3. Express emotions appropriately
  4. Display a cooperative attitude (follow directions, wait in line patiently, follow routine, take turns)
  5. Raise hand and participate during large group discussion
  6. Play and work independently or in small groups
  7. Walk with class in line
  8. Use restroom independently
  9. Speak in clear sentences with appropriate speech pattern
  10. Seperate easily from parents
  11. Ask for help when needed

Fine Motor Skills

  1. Hold scissors correctly
  2. Cut simple shapes accurately
  3. Hold pencil correctly
  4. Write first name beginning with capital letter.
  5. Appropriate use of glue

Gross Motor Skills

  1. Pedal bike smoothly
  2. Hop, skip, and gallop easily
  3. Balance on one foot